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Updated: Apr 1


A Design That Will Breathe Life into Atatürk Square: Feel the Heartbeat!

It's time to give a new life to Atatürk Square, the heart of Mersin! In this article, I will present a design proposal that focuses on the functionality and sustainability of the square on an urban scale.

My first work experience at Mersin Millet Bahçesi provided me with important information about the structural and plant elements of the region. When designing a square on an urban scale, it is crucial to be aware of the social, cultural and demographic effects. These factors are like catalysts that directly affect the function and sustainability of the square.

The "walkability" concept of MIT University was a guide for me to analyze the interaction of the square with the streets. The square, like the heart and veins in the human anatomy, is a structure that interacts with the streets. Making acupuncture-style interventions at certain points in the city, just as it is necessary for the healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system, also directly affects the vitality of the city.

Ease of access and pedestrian comfort are priority elements for me in Atatürk Square. Elements such as parking areas, shaded areas, waste bins and diversity of commercial areas are critical for the functionality of the square. Secluded areas designed to increase pedestrian comfort offer tranquility without creating security gaps.

Historically and architecturally important axes such as Aşıklar Sokağı can be revived with event areas. In this way, the historical and cultural heritage of the city is also preserved.

I see this text, which I wrote as a blog post, as a starting point for an exchange of ideas about Atatürk Square. Together, we can design a square that will bring new life to the heart of Mersin and that all the residents of the city will enjoy.

Note: This text is a draft. Further work is needed for detailed planning and budgeting of the project.


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