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The Heart of Milas: Balavca Creek and Its Surroundings

"A River is Not a Line, It is a Wetness"

This project aims to transform the Balavca Creek and its surroundings, which stand out with their historical and natural beauty in Milas, into a "Multi-Layered Natural and Cultural Living Corridor."

Project Objectives:

  • To restore the ecological balance and natural beauty of Balavca Creek

  • To provide Milas with a new public and recreational space

  • To protect and preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Milas

  • To promote a sustainable urbanism approach in Milas

Project Foundations:

ATLAS Approach: Milas's ecological, recreational, cultural, and circulation atlases aim to provide a more livable environment for its residents and visitors by protecting the city's natural and cultural values.
Sustainable Design: An approach that focuses on preserving the integrity of natural ecosystems and adopts a minimum intervention design philosophy.
Participatory Process: A project that includes all stakeholders in the process through participation.

Project Elements:

Ecological Atlas: Includes areas that protect and improve Milas's natural environment and water resources.
Recreational Atlas: Focuses on opportunities for Milas residents to relax, have fun, and do sports.
Cultural Atlas: Includes areas that protect and preserve the historical and cultural heritage of Milas.
Circulation Atlas: Designed to organize and improve the city's transportation.

Project Importance:

  • Improvement of Milas's ecological balance

  • Increasing the quality of life in Milas

  • Increasing the tourism potential of Milas

  • Protection of the historical and cultural heritage of Milas

Project Benefits:

  • A cleaner and healthier environment

  • A more livable city

  • More recreational and sports areas

  • A stronger tourism infrastructure

  • Preserved historical and cultural heritage

Project Implementation:

  • Detailed planning and budgeting of the project

  • Communication and collaboration with stakeholders

  • Phased implementation of the project

Project Outcomes:

  • Transformation of Balavca Creek and its surroundings into a "Multi-Layered Natural and Cultural Living Corridor"

  • Ecological, recreational, cultural, and touristic development of Milas

  • Making Milas a more livable city

Project Future:

  • Expansion of the project to other areas of Milas

  • Advancement of Milas on its way to becoming a sustainable city

  • Making Milas a more beautiful city for future generations

Blog Post:

By turning this project into a blog post, I aim to draw attention to the natural and cultural beauties of Milas and the importance of this project. In the blog post, I will extensively discuss the project's objectives, elements, significance, and benefits. Additionally, I will provide information on the project's implementation and outcomes.

I hope to attract more attention and support for this project with the blog post and contribute to making Milas a more beautiful city.

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